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KX Technologies is your Global Filtration Partner. It is our passion to provide innovative technologies and custom-designed filtration systems to the collaborative relationships we form with our customers. We continue to operate one of the world's largest solid-state extrusion facilities for the production of activated carbon filters. And though our reputation is built on the international success of KXT MATRIKX® Extruded Carbon, it is the collaboration with our customers that define our greatest innovations in new technologies and filtration systems.

The company was originally formed in 1989 as a Limited Partnership between Exxon Chemical Corporation and KT Corporation. In 2007 Marmon Water LLC acquired the assets of KX Industries, LP, with the business going forward as KX Technologies LLC. In March 2008, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired majority interest in The Marmon Group of companies.

The Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an international association of approximately 130 business units that operate independently within diverse business sectors. Member businesses employ more than 15,000 people and operate more than 250 production facilities, primarily in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and China.

Each member business operates under its own management within a sector structure that provides access to the experience and expertise of other members in related businesses and markets.

A Marmon Water/Berkshire Hathaway Company