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Macroporous Resin

A special grade of ion exchange resins which have large pores and a higher resistance to oxidation and organic fouling.

They were developed to provide increased surface area for reactions with organic matter with large molecular weights.

Macroporous resins are manufactured with a third ingredient that is soluble in the styrene and divinylbenzene monomers but becomes insoluble in the polymer structure as it is formed. The third ingredient is then removed from the resin structure by a solvent leaving a resin bead that has both a continuous resin phase and a continuous pore phase, resulting in considerable net porosity and internal surface area.

Macroporous resins, which are produced in both anion and cation versions, contain higher levels (12% or more) of divinylbenzene cross-linking, which reduces the swelling of the polymer resin in water.

Also called macroreticular resin.