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A dialysis process using semipermeable membranes in which ions migrate through the membranes from a less concentrated to a more concentrated solution as a result of the ions' respective attractions to a positive electrode (anode) and a negative electrode (cathode) created by direct electric current. See Also: Ion Exchange Membrane Hemodialysis Dialysis Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Fahrenheit Absorption Backflow Cation Exchange Resin Cation Exchange Resin Chelating Agent Chlorination Chemisorption Circle of Influence Cone of Influence Contamination Conventional Filtration Cation Exchange Bioconcentration Biodegradable Blowdown Oxidation Oxidize Oxidizing Agent Turnover Induced Infiltration Intermittent Flow Ion Ion Exchange Spectroscopy Ion Exchanger Ionic Constant In-line Filtration Ionization Adsorption Air Stripping Anion Exchange Hot Process Softening Hypolimnion Direct Filtration Disinfect Disinfection Dissociation Eductor Normal Flow Filtration Pollution Electron Emission Spectroscopy Epilimnion Recharge Hydraulic Classification Redox Rejection Resin Rinse Rzynar Index Fluoride Free Acid Form Free Base Form Validation Vapor Variance Water Softening Water Table Thermal Stratification Thermocline Titrate Sterilize Sterilization Stratification Stratified Bed Surfactant Sacrificial Anode Saturated Solution Saturation Index Sequestering Agent Sequestration Single-Stage Recirculation Chelating agent Cross flow filtration Cation Exchange Resin Cation Exchange Resin Cation Exchange Ion Exchange Ion Exchanger Anion Exchange Resin Free Acid Form Free Base Form Water Softening Service Unit Charged Polysulfone Membrane Polyamide Polysulfone Reverse Osmosis