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Built Detergent

A cleaning product containing both surfactant and builder. Home laundering makes use of built detergents almost exclusively because of their effective performance. Ingredients used in formulations along with surfactant and builder include fluorescent whitening agent, antiredeposition agent, corrosion inhibitor, suds control agent, oxygen bleach, colorant, fragrance, enzyme, bluing, and processing aids. Not all of these ingredients are used in every built detergent. Inclusion of antiredeposition and whitening agents, corrosion inhibitor, colorant, fragrance, and processing aids is customary. Complex phosphates (especially sodium tripolyphosphate), sodium carbonate, and sodium silicate are the builders most commonly used. (Sodium silicate is also a corrosion inhibitor.) Borax and sodium citrate are used to a lesser extent. Built detergents may be granular or liquid in form and produce high, medium, or low suds. Since built detergents are designed for doing laundry, they are classified as laundry detergents. They are also considered heavy duty. Those that are high sudsing are adapted to many nonlaundry household cleaning tasks, and are termed "all purpose."