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Glossary of Terms - K

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The older German spelling of cation.
The trade name for a patened medium composed of high purity copper and zinc granules. KDF is capable of removing chlorine, soluble heavy metals, and other inorganic contaminents from water through the chemical reduction/oxidation (redox) process.
A temperature scale which measures from absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius) in Kelvins which are equivalent to Celsius degrees in magnitude.

Kelvins = Celsius degrees + 273.15.

A prefix used to indicate 1000 of the succeeding unit. (is also sometimes used as an abbreviation for kilogram)
One thousand grains.
One thousand grams.
1,000 liters (264.18 U.S. gallons) or one cubic meter.
The unit of electric energy or work equal to that done by one kilowatt in one hour.

Equal to 1,000 watt-hours.

Energy possessed by a moving body of matter, such as water, as a result of its motion.
The study of the relationships between temperature and the motion and velocity of very small particles.

Kinetic relationships influence the rate of change in a chemical or physical system and are used particularly to describe the dynamics and rate of ion exchange reactions.

Nitrogen in the form of organic proteins or their decomposition product ammonia, as measured by the Kjeldahl Method.
Trade name for polyvinylidene fluoride.